Getting to know Green Me, by Tiziana Dominguez

The trend Green Me, I am green, make me green is now available in all Adolfo Domínguez shops in Spain as well as abroad. In this new ecological collection, formed by 10 looks, we can find as key pieces wide leg pants, clean-cut dresses, long skirts to the ground, and t-shirts without shoulders, all in beige, earth tones and white colors.
Tiziana, daughter of the designer Adolfo Domínguez, has created a new vanguardist collection made of the latest generation in ecological fabrics, caring of environment and all the issues related with it. Thanks to fabrics like cotton, organic linen, tencel, recycled polyester and hemp, Adolfo Dominguez shows in this new collection his strong compromise with sustainable development in fashion world.

green me
Know the key points of Green Me through the interview of the designer Tiziana Dominguez for Fabrics For Freedom

¿Could you explain us what makes Green Me to be considered an ecological trend?
Fabrics, dyes, labels… everything. This is an environmentally friendly collection.

¿What can we find in this new ecological collection?
Author’s design. Garments taking care of your skin and your environment at an affordable price.

¿Where sold this new line?
Almost in all our shop. If not, at adolfodominguezshop.com

¿Which are the benefits for consumers when opting to buy ecological clothing?
Health, fashion and a mind at rest.

¿Do you use any seal which certifies your products? ¿what do you think about certifications?
Fortunately, we can count on certification bodies which help us to guarantee that every step is done in an ecological way. For example, OE100, GOTS or GRS.

¿Has it been complicated to introduce an ecological trend in the fashion market in the current times of crisis we are living?
Our civisilisation is unsustainable at long-term. Green Me Nuestra civilización es insostenible a largo plazo. Green Me is a bet on the future. Everything will be green over the time.

¿Are there more difficulties in producing an ecological collection in comparison to clothing trends like any other fashion multinational?
It is not easy. An ecological collection requires other kind of production procedures. But, “¡or you move or you die!”

¿What is more important to Green Me, design, quality or fashion?
There was nothing before compared to Green Me in the market: design cloths, with a mind, at a reasonable price and lasting more than one washing!

Apart from this collection, the label is also organizing the Green Week ¿what does this initiative want to achieve?
Establish a dialog with our customers about ecology and climate change. To tell them what we do and they tell us what should to improve. It has been such a success that there will be a second edition next year.

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